Behind Our Brand

From sweet potato pies to Sweet Potato Paper.

Our brand really starts with Alice.  From her famous dinner parties to her North Carolina juke joint—to Alice, gatherings and celebrations were as important as the sugar in her pies.

Alice Morehead (the grandmother of our founder), loved parties and get-togethers. Whether she was a guest or a hostess, she made sure that along with good music and good times… her sweet potato pie was on the menu.

Alice knew that celebrating as a group—with family, friends, neighbors, or church folk—gave a sense of belonging and love, which she felt was key. From birthdays to funerals, there was no end to the gatherings my grandmother hosted, the floral arrangements and handwritten notes she delivered, or where her freshly baked sweet potato pie showed up.

Like her grandmother, Allyson founded Sweet Potato Paper to as a modern way to keep the feeling of togetherness and celebrations alive.

Regardless of who we are, where we came from, or what we have done, acknowledging milestones with those we love is essential—more than selfies, dm’s, or social media likes. The live interactions we share and our connection with tangible items (like invitations, silly party hats, or photo books) activate our senses and emphasize the importance of community.

The Sweet Potato Paper Manifesto

These are our words to live by. They are showcased in our products, brand, and core values. There is more to life than what’s on your phone. You get a lot further with a handwritten note vs a text message. To us, being social means being social (in person and with live people). Truly exciting times of life go down in person and not “the DM. You need all of your senses to celebrate life: Touch – to feel an invitation or card; Sight – to see friends & fam in person; Sound – to hear music & laughter; Taste – to eat a celebratory brunch, lunch, or dinner.