Why Writing Letters Still Matters

These days, most of our communication is done online. Emails, text messages, Facebook posts and other forms of electronic communication have taken the place of hand-written letters because they are faster, more convenient and require less energy. But is there still a place for handwritten letters in our world?

Yes! There is!

Can you remember the last time you received a handwritten letter? If the answer is yes, then you probably also remember how it made you feel. Happy? Appreciated? Touched that someone was thinking of you? All of the above?

Pen Your Thoughts, Authentically

In this world of rushed communication, taking the time out of your day to pen a letter to an old friend, family member or romantic partner can be one of the kindest, most thoughtful things you can do. It’s a way of deliberately sharing your thoughts and experiences with someone you care about, and inquiring about them in a way that asks for a slow and thoughtful response.

Handwritten letters don’t have to be works of art. They can be filled with trivial details about the day, experiences you remember or have shared with a person or random questions you might have about their lives. It’s just a lovely way to make a more lasting statement in the digital age.

That Extra Personal Touch

With letter writing, you have a chance to put yourself out there and then wait to see if your words have been received and digested. It’s not  flippant, instant communication that just consists of words tapped out thoughtlessly on a keyboard. The process of letter writing is organic and romantic, and involves carefully putting together words on a page in a way we should all be nostalgic for. The act itself makes us more verbose and more creative.

There’s something remarkable about letter writing that our modern age should strive to hold on to. The act of taking out a piece of paper or stationary and printing out our loopy longhand permanently manages to convey a lot more meaning than other methods of communication. So take a break from the digital age once in a while and enjoy the art of letter writing – chances are there is someone in your life who will appreciate it!

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